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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spend some time together in Hawaii.  The couple were on the way to the beach for a day of jet skiing and paragliding!


  2. justin bieber is okay its just that he shouldnt expect everyone 2luv him and best wishes on his relatiship with selena or the new mrs BIEBER.!!!!!!!!!:]

  3. nice kapal

  4. Eeeewwww I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER and I hate Selena Gomez they are wrong for each other and Selena is cheating on Justin any way

  5. Selen is using Justin only for his money and the roomers about Selena being pregnant to Justin is so not true they want to make people feel bad

  6. Selena Gomes is a Miley wannabe she copies everything miley Cyrus does right when moly started the peace sign Selena started to do that. She thinks she is better than everybody else just because she is adopted they are wrong to be together Selena Gomez is the uglies horriblest person in the entire universe.


  8. They are so cute together! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!

  9. Well dede if so f,f,freaking wrong about sel!!! She’s just jelous that selena gomez is dating justin bieber and not her. Why dont you tell everyone the thruth, that U R SO JELOUS!!!!!! HATER!!!!!!!!

  10. Sweet kiss selena fuck me

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